Knowing You’re In Control

We believe that armed with the right knowledge, prevention of disease syndromes affecting production and performance are within the control of the farmer. Metabolics, ketosis and high SCC’s are not acceptable outcomes of our high producing farming systems. Period.

Have we lost our way?

We think so. NZ is renowned for its world class pasture based systems but in our opinion many farmers still don’t understand enough about the grass their stock are eating. Given it’s your biggest resource this seems crazy! The fundamentals of grass growth have become disconnected from animal requirements. Underpinned by fertiliser choices based soley on pasture performance rather than animal health, this means the dietary risk to disease is often poorly understood.

So how do we fix this?

The answer is to change the way we make farming decisions. It’s time we made decisions based on measurement and cut out the guesswork. Whether you run a high or low input system, there is always that link between disease and diet. Understanding this is crucial to creating a successful farming business.

Feeling in control

The key is to start with the animal first. We can calculate what she requires to perform then look at how well the diet you’re offering meets her needs. If pasture is the main component then we can determine the impact of your fertiliser choice on production and performance. This allows you to put measures in place to improve animal health and production – superior performance will follow.

At 5th Business Agri our perspective is different but together we’ll find the answers to your questions and work out a practical solution so that you can profit.