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With a plethora of reproductive and production data at your fingertips its time you learnt how to use this information to your benefit. Interpretation of milk production data along with an analysis of reproductive data can identify risks to herd reproductive performance and guide you in the future management and reduction of these risks.

We can work with you to understand trends in these data related to feed utilisation, dietary composition and energy status of a herd, highlighting key periods where management changes can impact reproductive outcomes.


Combined with our DietDecoder this advanced analysis gives you to the information you need to improve reproductive outcomes on farm.       


When to use this Service:

  • Poor in-calf rates

  • Low submission rates

  • Low conception rates

  • Production Issues

“Since engaging 5th Business Agri we have seen a steady increase in production and a higher submission rates in the first 4 weeks of AB and an improved calving pattern as well”.
-Louie Aan de Brugh, Taranaki Dairy Farmer
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