• Production per cow has increased by 28% over four seasons

  • Increase from 0.73 kgMS/kg LW in 2010 to over a 1 kgMS/kg LW in 2014

Mineral Correction for Production

Since engaging Mineral Systems per cow production has increased by 28% over four seasons. In 2010 production was 400kgMS/cow. Last season production reached 553kgMS/cow. In 2014 the herd peaked at 2.62kgMS/cow for 10 days and held at over 2kgMS/cow for 150 days.


  • Metabolic issues

  • Lower than desired production

“Since engaging Mineral Systems we have healthier cows, less calving problems and no bloat. We also have stronger pastures, deeper root structure, more clover, more production and more profit”.

- Kevin Ingram, Taranaki