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The Regenerative Agriculture Track is Open for Exploration

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

In February 2020, even before COVID-19 closed New Zealand’s Great Walks to the public, significant weather washed out Fiordland’s Routeburn and Milford tracks. In the time available before the country went into lockdown, passionate caretakers of the tracks took on the huge resurection task of strengthening and developing the walking routes. A priority in this restructure was to ensure the tracks are walkable for future generations, not just those using it today.

Taking time to curate the environment for future use is the basis of the regenerative agriculture movement. The track has to start somewhere but requires a change in mindset to take the first step. The shift can be as small as “well, I may as well give it a try”. Farmer-led Red Meat Profit Partnership (RMPP) groups*, supported by Beef + Lamb NZ, create a hub of like-minded people who are open to sharing ideas and experiences. A newly formed group in eastern Taranaki is now looking at how regenerative agriculture can be applied to our hill country. The group aims to understand how regenerative agriculture practices and principles can be incorporated into farming hill country and explores land use options and potential markets. Each member of the group is at a different stage of the regenerative agriculture journey and access to the speakers and professional guidance means that everyone can develop their skills with the support of others.

Identifying any opportunities or areas for improvement on-farm in regards to carbon, biodiversity, soil health and all-round sustainability is a key objective for the group and one that 5th Business Agri Ltd aligns with very well. 5th Business Agri began a journey 26 years ago to connect all the elements and since then we have developed this into a unique methodology. 5th Business’ Animal Centred Approach measures diet with the ultimate aim of attaining balance and ensuring farmers are meeting the needs of thier animals. Underpinning theory with science and focussed on ensuring the well-being of both animal and farmer, the approach has an important part to play in connecting the dots of each farmers regenerative story.

Multispecies Winter Crop

It doesn’t take much to start the exploration of soil biology and regeneration but you are not alone in the journey. Pure Advantage* is a fascinating website of thinkers exploring NZ green growth.

To take your first steps, visit or contact us on 0800 765 854 or

*Pure Advatage –

*RMPP groups -

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