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A Cow-Centred Approach

What’s at the centre of your dairy farming system? Your cows of course! So why not let them lead your decision-making around feed and nutrition management. At Mineral Systems we call this a Cow-Centred Approach.

1. Dietary Analysis. There’s always a link between disease and diet. Analysing pasture and feed helps you understand these dietary risks to cow health and control them in the short term. The beauty of this approach is it will also reveal the underlying problem, which can then be addressed with customised mineral supplementation (not some off the shelf product).

2. The next step is to minimise dietary risk in the first place. You have more control over this than you think through your fertiliser choices. By considering the requirements of your cows, as well as the plant and soil, you can reduce disease risk from the diet and improve animal health and production on your farm.

3. Nutrient Management. Finally, while nutrient leaching targets can be seen as onerous and limiting to production, they often come with unrealised benefits to animal health. In fact, considering animal requirements first can positively impact nutrient management on your farm, meaning improved sustainability and superior performance can go hand in hand.

Our Cow-Centred Approach delivers a simple and sustainable process with your animals in the driving seat. So, if you’re looking for independent animal health, fertiliser or nutrient management advice give me a call on (03) 339 4450.

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