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3 Good Reasons Why You Should Take a Summer Pasture Sample

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Pasture sampling for summer is underway, so here’s three good reasons why knowing what’s happening with your pasture is so important. A single composite pasture is all that’s needed to stay ahead of the game.

  1. Changes in pasture quality (DM%, NDF & ME) associated with summer will affect feed supplement choices. Energy is still the biggest limiting factor and understanding what your goal is (milk production, weight gain) will help you decide on the best feeds to use.

  2. The mix of feeds you’re using will determine the levels of macro mineral supplementation (magnesium and calcium). Pasture levels have a big influence on what amounts you’ll need to include. Typically, in summer your magnesium and calcium requirements reduce, however high levels of PKE blend or maize may mean you need to keep on supplementing.

  3. As per cow milk production and feed demand falls there’s opportunity to adjust trace mineral levels (Co, Cu, Se, I, Zn) and potentially reduce daily amounts. Matching demand means you’re not wasting product.

Seasonal review of your feed and minerals gives you confidence that you're meeting the animals' needs, so they can keep performing to their full potential. It also identifies reasons why the herd may not be performing as well as you expect


“The mineral profiling helps you to understand when and how to reduce stress on your stock. Especially at critical times when they might not be getting full support from what is grown for feed”

- Boyd Tisdall, Otago.


Call us to make a plan for sampling your pasture – 0800 765 854

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