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  • Samantha Tane

Ready to be Milk Fever Free?

Milk fever continues to be a serious syndrome affecting dairy cows across New Zealand. The industry target for clinical milk fever is less than 1 in 100 cows but we know that many farmers have higher numbers than this. At Mineral Systems we focus on managing milk fever risk. Farmers following our recommendations are reporting;

  • Clean, simple calvings

  • Good, healthy appetites and strong milk production curves

  • Early cycling and feeling positive about upcoming mating

The graph above shows clinical milk fever rates in client herds over the previous three seasons. The data show that managing milk fever risk is achievable and results can be repeated. In particular, the first two farms at 0% milk fever illustrate that gaining and maintaining a milk fever free farm is a realistic goal that all farmers can reach.

This graph also shows that even with just one season of adjustment in supplementation, milk fever rates can be cut by more than half. The goal for these clients is to continue managing supplementation in their stock to achieve even better results for the season to come. However, one size does not fit all and supplementation plans need to be farm specific in order to get results.

If you're ready to tackle milk fever on your farm, give us a call, 0800 765 854.

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