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Milk Fever Success

Everybody loves a success story. Even better is when you get more than one! That’s why we want to share the amazing results we had resolving milk fever in herds this spring.

We know many farmers struggle daily with down cows and sleep can be scarce during calving. Many farmers accept this as a normal part of calving but this doesn’t have to be the case.

Herds with historical levels of 10 to >30% milk fever are tracking at 2-4% this season after following Mineral Systems guidelines. In fact, the number of cows down due to milk fever was reduced on average by 80% for our new clients. The impact that this has had on animal and people welfare is self-evident, not to mention the potential animal performance gains and cost savings.

So what’s the answer?

Well that depends on your farm and the feed you’re offering your herd. No two farms are identical and the answer to reigning in milk fever lies in managing the dietary risk. Macro and trace mineral levels in your pastures and supplementary feed will contribute to this risk. Measuring these levels through pasture and feed sampling allows us to assess the milk fever risk in the diet and respond to it accordingly.


"Been a massive improvement on past years" - Craig Knowles, Taranaki

"The titanic is sailing but there's no icebergs so it's full steam ahead"…"Our biggest problem is working out who’s calved as they're spitting them out” - Grant Holmes, Taranaki


If milk fever is an issue at any level, we recommend you contact us 0800 765 854. We can help you resolve these issues for good. Act now and set yourself up for next season.

Our goal is to change your experience of farming to the way it should be – more time, happier people and an improved bottom-line!

Find out the story behind Craig Knowles' milk fever success... Click here.

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