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Are You Happy With Your Herd's Reproductive Performance

Mineral Systems and LIC Reproduction Solutions recently teamed up to provide farmers with insight into their reproductive data and offered potential solutions to any reproductive challenges they may be facing.

A series of workshops run in Taranaki and Canterbury targeted farmers looking for answers to their reproductive problems. These sessions were kindly hosted by local farmers and provided an opportunity for attendees to gain visibility into their herd’s reproductive performance data. The nutritional risks impacting on reproduction and how these can be avoided were also discussed. All the sessions were very well attended – despite the bitterly cold weather in the South!

We all know it’s important to gather reproductive data and often a lot of effort goes into this. But how many of us are then actually using this information effectively? The LIC reports on MINDA Web and MINDA Pro are a fantastic tool for accessing your reproductive data and using it to identify areas for improvement. These reports allow farmers to identify problem groups within their herd –bringing to light potential issues such as sub-clinical metabolics and sub-clinical ketosis. It’s only once the causes of poor reproductive performance have been properly identified that appropriate action can be taken.

Managing feed and minerals can improve reproductive outcomes which is why pre-mating herbage tests are so important - To read more about why you should pasture sample pre-mating click here. Reviewing your fertiliser program is another strategy that can be used to improve the success of your herd’s reproductive performance.

Local farmers gather round to learn how they can improve their herds reproductive performance this spring.

If you’re not happy with your reproductive performance then there is more that you can do. Do you use all of what MINDA has to offer? Does sub-clinical metabolics or ketosis impact reproduction on your farm? Have you identified the impact of nutritional risks to reproduction? If you’d be interested in hosting one of these workshops or would like to have a chat to find out more, give us a call: 0800 765 854.

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