"Mineral Systems go the extra mile to solve any problem you experience with farming... they have lots of proven research to back up their advice".

-Duck & Jenny Kirby, West Coast Dairy Farmers

Solving On Farm Issues

Metabolic disease is a complex problem.  Industry targets for milk fever are < 1%, however most farms are at 2-5% and a significant number are higher, at ~20%. At 2-5% the entire herd will be experiencing sub clinical symptoms.


We can help you with reducing metabolics in your herd.

Empty rates remain persistently high across NZ. The dairy industry target for the 6 week in-calf rate is 78%, however most farms are stuck at 65% and a significant number are lower still.


Whether you are dairy or drystock, we can help reduce empty rates in your herd.

Whether it's converting feed to milk, meat or wool, maximising production is key to achieving a profitable farming business. Removing barriers to intake and optimising feed conversion are essential to reaching your production targets.


We can help you increase production on your farm.

Research shows that up to 50% of clinical mastitis cases may not be associated with a bacterial infection. It's time to tackle the underlying issues behind persistently high SCC and mastitis.

We can help reduce clinical mastitis and high SSC's in your herd.