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Metabolics reduced from 10% to 1% in 1st season working with Mineral Systems, equating to a
saving of $25 000.


- Waikato Dairy client

ANALYSE what your stock are actually eating

  • Sampling and laboratory analysis of pasture and feed supplements

  • Review of your trace and macro element levels to understand the dietary risk



ADJUST the levels to meet demand

  • Implement the most appropriate and cost effective form of mineral supplementation

  • Manage metabolic risk in the longer term through appropriate fertiliser choice

PROFIT from the changes you’ve made

  • Every downer cow is estimated to cost you $500. Reducing metabolics by 5% in a 300 cow herd equals a saving of $7, 500

  • Maximise pasture palatability and animal appetite, optimising intake and improving production




Milk fever has been recognised as a specific disease of dairy cows for over 200 years – and it’s still a serious problem.
Apart from the clinical cow, the side effects of milk fever include calving problems, retained membranes, infected uterus, slow return to first heat, increased risk of mastitis and ketosis.

Our metabolic investigations allow you to put strategies in place to manage potential risks to metabolic disease (particularly milk fever). Understanding these risks also provides an opportunity to rationalise mineral supplementation and fertiliser use. Here's our tried and true process for reducing metabolics in your herd:

Reducing Metabolics

December 6, 2016

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