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Dairy & Drystock


When you look at your soils and herbage tests are you getting the full picture?  Take phosphorous for example, it's widely used and expensive, yet the common tests often overstate your requirement. In our view many farmers are sitting on tonnes of P trapped in their soils and they've already paid for it!

How is your fertiliser regime impacting on animal performance? The majority of fertiliser recommendations don't consider the impact on animal health and performance.

Our independent analysis give you an in-depth and realistic evaluation of your soils. You'll be able to choose with confidence when to apply fertiliser and when to withold for both optimal grass growth and animal performance.

soil smart table.jpeg

When to use this Service:

  • For detailed nutrient assessment of soils

  • For determination of maintenance fertiliser requirements that support both optimal grass growth and animal health

  • To assess fertiliser requirements of seasonal crops

  • To re-assess soil nutrient status annually

“I came to 5th Business Agri with poor lamb growth rates, pasture persistence and a "shotgun" approach to fertiliser use. Since engaging Mineral Systems I feel we have made progress with improvements in animal health and more targeted fertiliser spending.”
-Tom McFarlane, North Canterbury Drystock Farmer
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