When you look at your soils and herbage tests are you getting the full picture?  Look at phosphorous as an example, it's widely used and expensive, yet the common tests often overstate your requirement. In our view many farmers are sitting on tonnes of P trapped in their soils and they've already paid for it!

Our independent analysis give you an in-depth and realistic evaluation of your most important resource. You'll be able to choose with confidence when to apply fertiliser and when to withold. Here's our process:

ANALYSE what your stock are actually eating

  • Sampling and  laboratory analysis of paired pasture & soils.

  • Review of your trace and macro element levels to understand nutrient levels on your farm.



ADJUST the levels to meet demand

  • Choose the most appropriate and cost effective form of fertiliser to apply to your farm.

PROFIT from the changes you’ve made

  • Save money on unnessary fertiliser

  • Improve animal health and production



Independent Fertiliser Plans

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