96% of farms we've analysed have had production limiting mineral imbalances.


100% of farms that have followed our process have seen improvement.

ANALYSE what your stock are actually eating

  • Sampling and laboratory analysis of pasture, feed & soil supplements

  • Review of your trace and macro element levels to understand the dietary risk



ADJUST the levels to meet demand

  •  Implementing the most appropriate and cost effective form of mineral supplementation

  • Optimise production in the longer term through fertiliser choice

PROFIT from the changes you’ve made

  • A 2014 study investigating the Mineral Systems approach showed that clients achieved up to a 20% increase in kgMS. Even at 5% for a 300 cow herd producing 380kgMS/cow at $4.50/kgMS, that's an extra $20 250 income a year!


As pasture is your cheapest feed source it makes sense to maximise the amount that's eaten by your livestock. Milk, meat and wool is where the money is.


Increasing animal production is directly related to improving appetite and grass palatability. We need to control sub-clinical production diseases such as ketosis, negative energy balance and mastitis to get our animals to eat. We also need to understand how our fertiliser choices are impacting on animal health and grass palatability.


Here's our tried and true process for improving production in your herd:

Increasing Production

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"Mineral Systems have given us insight into ways of growing more grass of good quality and quantities, in order for the cows to produce and therefore make farming a more profitable business."

- Louie Aan de Brugh, Taranaki Dairy Farmer