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Improved Ewe Survivability


  • Ewe losses ~4% 

  • Sporadic hogget deaths

  • Already a very high performing farm but ewe losses still reduced from 4% down to less than 1%

  • P levels in crops reduced from 0.6 to
    0.42 %DM to reduce dietary risk

Investigations into sporadic deaths in the hogget blocks identified excessive sulphur levels to be the root cause of a diagnosed thiamine deficiency. This allowed proactive management of the copper deficiency present in the ewes at lambing, through the use of copper oxide bullets.
Changing fertiliser approach reduced metabolic risk and produced higher quality pastures on the hills.

“This season most ewes and all the hogger's have had 4g copper cap plus a shot of iodine. With Pat's background and his science, now looking at our soil and herbages samples we have more confidence in what we are doing."

- John Heald, Waikato Drystock Farmer

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