"Before engaging Mineral Systems we had poor lamb growth rates, pasture persistence and a "shotgun" approach to fertiliser use. Since then I feel we have made progress with improvements in animal health and more targeted fertiliser spending".

- Drystock Farmer

Achieve your farming goals through an ongoing partnership with Mineral Systems. Seasonal review of your feed, minerals and fertiliser gives you confidence that you're meeting the animals' needs so they can perform to their full potential.

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Farm Health WOF

Step by step plans for fertiliser, based on the demands you’re asking of the animals you farm. Our independent advice accurately targets fertiliser expenditure so you only buy what you need and enhance stock performance.

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Optimising Farm Systems

We use Industry tools for feed budgeting. Our aim is for you the farmer to be confident using these tools and to do the job yourself. Good feed planning and correct mineral supplementation will give you results.

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