Our monitoring and support program offers an ongoing partnership between Mineral Systems and you. Seasonal investigations analyse the diet and how it is managed, in order to reduce animal health risk, optimise intake and maximise your profit.


Making adjustments over time through fertiliser practice and measuring the impact of any changes made on farm means requirements continue to be met in a sustainable and ethical manner, and you reach your farming goals sooner. Here's how a partnership with Mineral Systems works:

"I strongly believe that any farmers who are in a position to implement a total fertiliser and health program will be big winners. This is a great approach much needed in our industry".

-Graeme Clark,
Organic Drystock Farmer

ANALYSE what your stock are actually eating

  • Seasonal sampling and laboratory analysis of pasture, feed supplements & soil.

  • Review of your trace and macro element levels to understand nutrient levels



ADJUST the levels to meet demand

  • Implement the most appropriate and cost effective form of mineral supplementation and adjust this seasonally based on calculated risks.

  • Our fertiliser program help you manage risk to animal health and performance in the longer term

PROFIT from the changes you’ve made

  • Gain the knowledge and support to achieve your performance goals

  • Animal health is optimised, improving production and creating more profit

Farm Monitoring & Support

September 18, 2019

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