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We know there are many NZ farmers affected daily by ongoing metabolics, high empty rates and disappointing production, and are forced to accept this as a normal part of farming. 


NZ is renowned for its world class pasture based systems but in our opinion many farmers still don’t understand enough about the grass their stock are eating. The fundamentals of grass growth have become disconnected from animal requirements. Underpinned by fertiliser choices based soley on pasture performance rather than animal health, this means the dietary risk to disease is often poorly understood.  This doesn't have to be the case.

Our DietDecoder provides you with independent information that can be used to resolve and prevent diseases linked to diet and improve the performance and efficiency of your animals.

Every farmer deserves this knowledge without product pushing.

5th Business Agri provide independent advice (i.e., not tied to the sale of a product) that links cow nutrition, farm management and animal health to overall dairy cow performance.

- Nick Giera, Dairy Farmer



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When to use this Service:


  • Pre-calving/Pre-lamb to assess macro and trace element status of herd or flock and metabolic risk

  • Pre-mating/Pre-tup to assess macro element changes associated with the spring flush and reproductive risk

  • For custom trace element blends and macro mineral levels

  • To re-assess macro and trace element demand in summer with changing production (Dairy)

  • To determine trace element status of crops to be grazed

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