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The Animal Centred Approach

How Does it Work?

It starts with the animal first. We calculate what your livestock require to perform using our DietDecoder, then look at how well the diet being offered meets their specific needs. This allows you to control dietary risk in the short term though a supplementation regime driven by the animal (not some off the shelf product).

The next step is to avoid this dietary risk in the first place. If pasture is the main dietary component then we can determine the impact of your fertiliser choice on production and performance through our SoilSmart service. This means considering the animal, as well as the plant.


Finally, considering the needs of our animals generally results in a smaller environmental footprint, improved soil health, and forces us to arrive at a discussion about promoting soil carbon, effluent management and managing nutrient leaching on our farms. 

This core of this approach is that it considers animal-plant-soil relationships and by considering animal requirements first, you can make sustainable decisions around diet, fertiliser and nutrient management.


Benefits of This Approach

  • Make farming decisions based on measurements, not guesswork

  • Become proactive rather than reactive when it comes to animal health and environmental management

  • Feel supported in your efforts to drive the behavioural changes required to reduce your environmental footprint on farm

  • Take a strong ethical and welfare centred approach to the management of food producing animals

  • Maximise the nutrient value and the food safety of your animal products

  • Enhance your farming experience with less stress, more time and more rewarding outcomes!

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